Mon 14 Jun 2021 22:12:14 CEST

This is the first day it is doing really hot. My productivity instantly dropped by 50%.

Thu 10 Jun 2021 22:26:16 CEST

I finally have both dates for my shots. A bit late than expected, but that's fine. What I think is "late" is still a lot sooner of many people on this planet. I hope things will get better soon for **everybody**.

Tue 8 Jun 2021 09:50:36 CEST

I have **another** full day of meetings. If tomorrow I do not have at least two consecutive hours to deep work, I'll throw my PC out of the window and start a beekeeping business.

Fri 4 Jun 2021 17:32 CEST

Social media are like city. They are full of people, they are interesting, there is always some event and you feel that you need to stick in there to be "in the loop". But, oh God, how life are we much happier when we are out of there enjoying the countryside and the nature!

Wed 2 Jun 2021 10:02 CEST

By removing the 20% of programming and development work I hate, I improved my happiness and motivation by 80%.

I want to write software and solve problems, not constantly fighting with weird frameworks and dumb programs.

Fri 28 May 2021 20:53 CEST

Sometime, refactoring code is like meditation. Just a lot of small almost-mindless tasks. It's like doing a Sudoku, or a jigsaw puzzle. Almost relaxing.

Mon 24 May 2021 21:02 CEST

I just passed **THE WORST** weekend. Too long to explain. I just hope you had a better time! :D

Thu 20 May 2021 16:34 CEST

Today is the Mental Health Action Day. As someone that struggled **A LOT** with mental health, I really need to encourage any of you that is struggling right now to seek for help. Is it worth it.

WHO Website on Mental Health Action Day

Wed 19 May 2021 19:26 CEST

I drank a beer with a goat on the label and I wonder in which place of the production pipeline I can find the goat contribution. Probably I just drank too much of it.

Tue 18th May 2021 20:00 CEST

It is really beautiful evening today. Maybe is for that today I had **so much** troubles focusing on anything.